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11th July 20
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Class Charities

Reception 2019-2020


I am thrilled to announce that we are supporting Cancer Research UK this year. A child in the class (our 'Learning Power Hero' that week) pulled one of the parent suggested charities out of a hat. Cancer is an illness that affects so many of us directly or indirectly including all the staff in Red Class. We are eager to support the children in raising as much money as possible for this very important charity. 


Please see our class page for updates on our fundraising efforts. 

Reception: 2018 -2019


Our chosen charity is Water Aid. We have been learning about the importance of preserving water and how lucky we are to have access to water at all times.   We watched videos of children who had to travel miles everyday in order to find clean drinking water.

We enjoyed a special breakfast in Red Class and managed to raise £46.36 for charity.  The funds raised will go to Water Aid and help with water projects all over the world so that everyone can have access to clean water for cooking and drinking.

Year 1 - 2019 - 2020


Charity suggestions: 

  • British Heart Foundation
  • Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital
  • British Red Cross
  • National Deaf Children’s Charity
  • Cross Roads Care, Burnley

Thank you for all of your suggestions for our class charity. It has been really hard to choose but as a class we have decided to support Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital charity. This charity is important because it has helped sick children in our families. This charity exists to enhance the experience of the 260,000 children cared for by Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital each and every year.

In Spring term we have been selling raffle tickets in yellow class for a VERY LARGE teddy bear. THANK YOU for all of your donations we raised £70 for our charity. 

Year 1: 2018 - 2019


Year One - When you Wish Upon A Star


Yellow Class Charity

Our class charity is ‘when you wish upon a star’.

What is our charity and what does it do?  

Our charity has been granting wishes for over 26 years to some brave children who are very ill. It raises money to grant children a special wish and help make their dreams come true.

The charity was founded by Barbara White who was so inspired by a seriously ill four-year-old with a dream to meet Mickey Mouse. She decided to bring smiles to the faces of many more brave and courageous children.

Some children wish to be a fairy princess or a knight for the day. Some children like to meet celebrities or famous footballers.  Other children wish for a laptop to keep in contact with their friends and family whilst in hospital. One of our most popular wishes is to swim with dolphins or meet all their favourite characters in Disney World, Florida.

Why we have chosen this charity?

We have chosen this charity because we are children and we want to make a difference to other children like us.

How we have raised money?

  • So far, we have had a cake sale where we made and sold star shaped biscuits. We really enjoyed baking them and of course EATING THEM.
  • Next, we had a picnic linked to the story of Little Red Riding Hood because we were learning about traditional tales in Literacy.
  • We really enjoyed our picnic.  We had lots of delicious food and finished the afternoon by watching the film. We had lots of fun.
  • Next half term, we are going to involve the WHOLE SCHOOL in our charity.  We plan to run a tombola with lots of exciting prizes.  You can buy some raffle tickets for a chance to win. 

Year 2 2019-20


Macmillan Cancer Support


This year Pink Class will be supporting Macmillan Cancer Support, as cancer is an illness that has affected families of Pink Class this year.

In the Spring term we held a guess the number of sweets in the jar competeition for the whole school. The winner with the closest guess was Ruhi in Green Class.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

Year 2: 2018-2019




Pink Class Charity

Our charity is WWF. This stands for worldwide fund for nature.


What is this charity for?

WWF’s mission is to stop the planets natural environment being destroyed and build a future where people can live in harmony with nature.


What do WWF do?

To achieve their mission, they try to look after and save important environments in nature and endangered species of animals.


Why did we choose this charity?

We chose this charity as earlier this year we were learning about endangered animals in Literacy and wanted to help protect these animals.


What we discovered about some of the endangered animals?


One of the main reasons that the number of pandas is decreasing is habitat destruction, which also leads to food shortages.


Elephants are illegally killed to take their ivory tusks which are sold for a large amount of money.

The other main problem is that their natural habitat is being wiped out.



Tigers are illegally hunted and killed to sell their body parts.

A huge problem is also habitat loss. Tigers lives in countries where the population is growing quickly and people need the valuable land that tigers like.

Without enough habitat, it’s hard for tigers to find enough food and raise their cubs.


How have we raised money so far?

To raise money, we baked panda cakes to sell when our parents came to watch our storytelling. We made moon buggy’s and bought them to take home. We had a cinema night where we watched Kung Fu Panda.

This week we will be bringing this teddy panda round to each class.

You can guess the panda’s name for 50p and the person that chooses the correct name can take our panda teddy home.

We hope you all have a go to support this amazing charity.

Year 3: 2018-2019


Pendleside Hospice


Why did we choose Pendleside Hospice?

Over the summer holidays the children were set the task of choosing which charity we would like to support as a class. One of the children wanted us to support Pendleside Hospice as his Grandfather had stayed at the hospice. Also his friends mum had also stayed at the hospice. The children voted as a class and all agreed supporting Pendleside was what they wanted to do.


What does Pendleside Hospice do?

Pendleside provides for the individual needs of people with cancer or other life-limiting illnesses. They offer in-patient, day therapy, hospice at home services and support for families and carers. https://www.pendleside.org.uk/?pxRatio=1


How have we raised money?

  • Sponsored fitness - raised £374.00
  • Teddy bear raffle – raised £101.00
  • Easter Bunny Hop – raised £990.31

Total to date = £1465.31

Year 4 2019-20


Encephalitis Society

What do they do?

Encephalitis Society - The Brain Inflammation Charity - are there to help people if they need information about Encephalitis, advice about recovery and getting better or if someone that is affected by it just wants to talk the charity will be there to listen as well.

What have we done so far?

This half term we had a sponsored silence where for the whole morning the class had to try not to speak at all.  We raised just over £100 doing this.

We will have other events throughout the year, we will update this page to let you know what we have done and how much we have raised.

Year 4: 2018-19


Rainbow Trust

What do they do?

The Rainbow trust help to support families who have a terminally ill child.  There is a range of ways that they can help such as: supporting familes at home by giving them a break, cooking meals, reading to the children and organising activities.  They take siblings out for days out.  They support at the hospital and arrange appointments and transport.  They are availalble anytime day or night for support if someone needs it.

What have we done?

In Orange class we have organised and taken part in 3 different events to raise money for Rainbow Trust.

1) In the Autumn term we had a sponsored silence where for a whole morning we said nothing in order to raise money.  Through people's support we raised £177.78.

2) In the Spring term we organised a bake sale.  We baked our own cakes with Mr Rainbird and then sold them at break time and lunch time.  We raised £126.

3) Finally in the Summer term we took part in a sponsored run.  We each ran 14 laps around the playground which altogether meant that as a class, we rant the equivalent of Burnley to Preston.  We raised £141.53.

Our total amount raised is £445.31.

Year 5 2019-2020


This year Blue class will be supporting Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool. I have a personal connection with this charity after my son Jake spent time over the summer in this hopsital at just 8 weeks old. I was amazed by the facilities and level of care that Jake received and this gave my family a lot of reassurance during a difficult time. I look forward to sharing more information with the children about Alder Hey and organising events to help support this charity.

Year 5: 2018 - 2019


Toilet Twinning

Here are some reasons why we chose Toilet Twinning as our class charity. There are 2.3 billion people who don’t have somewhere safe and hygienic to go to the toilet. 663 million people worldwide live without safe water and children worldwide miss 443 million school days each year because of dirty water and poor water sanitation. Finally, almost 1,000 children die every day from preventable diseases linked to dirty water and unsafe toilets.

In class this year, we learnt about the story of Mira who lives in a country called Nepal. Mira lives in a village without proper toilets, there are no shops to buy food and no doctors to help when you are sick. When Mira was 14, she became sick because of all the germs in her village and couldn’t go to school for over a month. Then some kind people came to the village and taught Mira and her family how to build a toilet so that they could become much healthier. Mira’s Dad had to sell many of their precious goats in order to pay for the toilet but he realized how important it was. After building their toilet, Mira’s family then taught other villagers how to do the same and now the village is much healthier and Mira is much happier and doesn’t have to miss school.

Our Charity Work

Listening to Mira’s story inspired us to raise money so that we could try to twin some toilets for other villages like hers. Our first fundraising event was a sponsored spell where we raised £30. Our second event was a sponsored ‘water-carrying event’  where we raised £95. The children had to work as a class to walk 6km with buckets of water as this is how far some women and children have to walk every day just to get water and now we appreciate just how lucky we are to have clean running water from the tap.

Our final event was a ‘loo roll’ Olympics where we raised £60. This was a fun event where the children paid £2 to take part in activities using a loo roll such as skittles, target throwing and the shot put. In total we have raised enough money to twin 3 toilets. We are still waiting to hear where two of  our toilets will be twinned but we know that the first toilet we twined was in a country called Malawi, Africa.

Year 6 2019-2020 The Christie Hospital


For the academic year 2019-2020, Gold Class have chosen The Christie Hospital in Manchester for our class charity.

Why The Christie?

The Christie has treated, and is still treating, relatives of some of the children in our class.

What does The Christie do?

The Christie Hospital treats over 44,000 cancer patients each year.

What can we do to help?

Our first event is taking place on the 22nd November when we will undertake the Christie Bear Spelling Challenge.

UPDATE - we raised £400.48 on our Spelling Challenge. An amazing amount of money.

Year 6: 2018 -2019


Christian Aid


Year 6 chose Christian Aid as their class charity.

Why Christian Aid?

We chose this charity because of the aid they offer to people all around the world who live in poverty and who have been affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

Christian Aid work hand in hand with the church to ensure that all people, regardless of colour or race live together in harmony.

'Let us love, not in word or speech but in truth and action' (1 John 3:18).

How have we helped so far?

Last September, Gold Class travelled down to London to sing in partnership with St Paul's Cathedral. We put the photographs that we had taken and recordings of our singing onto CD's which we sold to parents.

We raised £42.60

In April, as part of our Design Technology topic, we made cakes and sandwiches and held an Afternoon Tea party for parents and carers.

We raised £99.55

In the summer term, we decided against raising money and started collecting toiletries to put into shoe boxes. We have filled 14 boxes with essential toiletries which we intend to forward to Christian Aid before the end of the academic year.