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10th July 20
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School Council

School Council 'Our Voice' 19/20


Meet your new School Council

Each class has been voting for our new School Council representatives and we can finally reveal this year's School Council members. They are going to be working hard this year to ensure our school is a safe and happy place to learn.


Year 1 School Councillors


Year 2 School Councillors


Year 3 School Councillors


Year 4 School Councillors


Year 5 School Councillors


Year 6 School Councillors


Children in Need


Children in Need – The school council came up with many suggestions of different fundraising activities for ‘Children in Need’. They decided they would like to complete an activity within school time, so everybody could be included. It was decided that we would decorate biscuits in ‘Children in Need’ colours. We asked for a 50p donation towards the charity

Anti-Bullying Day


Anti-Bullying Day – the children decided not to ask parents for donations. Instead each class addressed this issue in their PSHE lesson.

NSPCC Speak out and Stay Safe Day


School Council talked about our NSPCC Speak out and Stay Safe day which is coming up. The children said we should organise a fundraising event to help make a real difference to those children who need us.

The children suggested:

  • Sponsored movie
  • Toy day
  • Cake sale
  • Book shop
  • Extra sports day
  • Go Green day
  • Non-Uniform day

We narrowed it down to two choices. Go Green Day and Non-Uniform day. The children talked about the positives and negatives for each idea.

Go green day:

  • Costs people money
  • The money could go to charity
  • Never wear the clothes again
  • Not everyone has green clothes
  • The children who don’t have green will feel left out
  • Everyone will look same and we want to be unique

Non – Uniform day:

  • People wear what they have at home already.
  • Saving time.
  • Any colour clothes.
  • The money they would have spent on green clothes can go towards NSPCC.

The overall decision was to have a Non-Uniform day and bring 1 pound in which will go to the NSPCC.



How to be an effective school councillor


This week we discussed how to be an effective school councillor. The children said that they should be good role models to the rest of the school. They will express the opinions of the rest of their class to help make decisions

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