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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School

Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement


At St Peter’s we believe that all pupils can achieve and enjoy Maths through good teaching, providing appropriate resources and fostering a ‘can do’ attitude. Our lessons provide all children, regardless of ability, with the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of concepts through exploration, practice and application. We believe that children need both time to explore new concepts in detail and time to have sufficient practice to develop fluency. Where some children grasp concepts rapidly, we provide appropriate challenge to deepen their understanding of concepts further rather than moving into new learning. For children who may not grasp concepts as easily as others, we aim to provide both timely and regular intervention so that we are able to try and narrow the gaps in attainment whilst raising the attainment for all.


We implement the Lancashire scheme of work which we believe suits the needs of our children, as it allows the children to revisit different topics of Maths and build on previous knowledge in order to meet the end of year expectations.

Teachers plan lessons carefully and scaffold learning for children to explore new concepts using the CPA approach.

Concrete – children have the opportunity to use concrete objects and manipulatives to help them understand and explain what they are doing.

Pictorial – children then build on this concrete approach by using pictorial representations, which can then be used to reason and solve problems.

Abstract – With the foundations firmly laid, children can move to an abstract approach using numbers and key concepts with confidence.


Teachers also develop a deeper understanding of concepts through carefully planned activities which include both conceptual and procedural variation.


Conceptual variation involves providing multiple representations of the same concept that develop a deep understanding of what a concept is, and what it isn’t.


Procedural variation is a carefully sequenced set of questions in which:

  • the scaffold may be gradually removed;
  • one question is connected to the next in some way;
  • the mathematical structure is revealed alongside any procedure;
  • children are constantly required to think.


During lessons, teachers and support staff circulate the classroom effectively to highlight children who may need intervention or further challenge. Intervention can be provided within the lesson or in a small group after the lesson has taken place. Children who need help to develop fluency and recall of facts have regular intervention through the use of applications such as Times Tables Rockstars and Maths IDL.


Through the implementation of the curriculum, we believe that our children will be able to recall appropriate number facts quickly and select suitable strategies based on the numbers in the calculations. They will be able to select appropriate resources for learning, identify the maths required in unfamiliar problems and articulate their reasoning verbally, pictorially or in written form. We conduct pupil interviews regularly to understand which aspects of Maths the children enjoy and to assess the extent to which they understand the relevance of what they have been learning.