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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School

Pink Class


This year Pink Class will be supporting Macmillan Cancer Support, as cancer is an illness that has affected families of Pink Class this year.

In the Spring term we held a guess the number of sweets in the jar competition for the whole school. The winner with the closest guess was Ruhi in Green Class.

Thank you to everyone who took part.




This year Pink Class will be supporting the charity WWF. This stands for worldwide fund for nature.


What is this charity for?

WWF’s mission is to stop the planets natural environment being destroyed and build a future where people can live in harmony with nature.


What do WWF do?

To achieve their mission, they try to look after and save important environments in nature and endangered species of animals.


Why did we choose this charity?

We chose this charity as earlier this year we were learning about endangered animals in Literacy and wanted to help protect these animals.


What we discovered about some of the endangered animals?


One of the main reasons that the number of pandas is decreasing is habitat destruction, which also leads to food shortages.


Elephants are illegally killed to take their ivory tusks which are sold for a large amount of money.

The other main problem is that their natural habitat is being wiped out.


Tigers are illegally hunted and killed to sell their body parts.

A huge problem is also habitat loss. Tigers lives in countries where the population is growing quickly and people need the valuable land that tigers like.

Without enough habitat, it’s hard for tigers to find enough food and raise their cubs.


How have we raised money so far?

To raise money, we baked panda cakes to sell when our parents came to watch our storytelling. We made moon buggy’s and bought them to take home. We had a cinema night where we watched Kung Fu Panda.

This week we will be bringing this teddy panda round to each class.

You can guess the panda’s name for 50p and the person that chooses the correct name can take our panda teddy home.

We hope you all have a go to support this amazing charity.