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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School


The Diaries Simba the Lionhead Mini Lop

2022 - 2023


8th July 2022

Lots of the children found it very funny on Thursday when Miss Franklin and Red Class took Simba out on a harness and lead for a walk around the yard. Reggie is looking forward to his turn!

We have now reached the age where we have started to fight each other. This has meant we have had to be separated into hutches next to each other, and sadly means we cannot go out in our hutches outside until the next academic year. However, we can still come out one at a time and see everybody. During the summer we are going to have a little operation that will mean we won't fight each other and then we can go outside together in the main hutch and we will be best friends again.

We have heard that Year 6 are at Whitehough this week, we wondered if they had seen any wild rabbits while they are there? We have also heard about Russ Stevens from BGT, who has been working with Year 2 today... I wonder if we learnt enough tricks then we could go on BGT...

Love from,

Reggie and Simba

1st July 2022

Unfortunately, due to all the rain we haven't had chance to get outside yet, but the forecast looks better for next week so, hopefully, we will move outside then. Despite not moving outside, we have had a very exciting week. We were really brave and had our first whole class session. We both had a lovely time hopping around the Red Class carpet. The children were very calm and gentle with us, watching us closely and commenting on everything we were doing. They were thrilled when we 'binkied', we do this when we are really happy and excited, jumping in the air and shaking. We were so relaxed that we even decided it was safe enough to have a chill out, see the photo go Reggie flopping out.  

Love from,

Reggie and Simba

24th June 2022

Hi everybody! 

We missed you all during the holidays. We have settled back into school and have even moved into our mini mansion now. Just you wait until you see it! 

Classes have been given leaflets to read all about how to look after us, so the children can start to become more involved in our care. 

It has been lovely in Red Class, they’ve been feeding us our green beans and sitting chatting to us. This has meant we are getting more used to lots of people and are hoping to move outside next week to see all the children during playtime. We can’t wait to see everybody. 

We’ve popped a few pictures from our holiday on, have a look, there is a funny one of Reggie! 

Love from,

Reggie and Simba

27th May 2022

It's been lovely to see the RWI groups this week. We liked when Purple Group read the word r-a-bb-i-t, but they particularly caught our attention when they read the word c-a-rr-o-t. We hear it's the holidays next week, we are spending the first week with Miss Franklin and the second with Miss Chadwick. We can't wait to see all the children back for Healthy Week after a lovely break... does Healthy Week mean we get some extra veggies? 


Reggie and Simba 

Having a little clean...

Still image for this video

19th May 2022

We have had a lovely week getting lots of attention from the Red Class children. We have become increasingly more confident and are now happy to join in with quiet time and worship. We have been thinking about how to be a good friend in worship, can you think of some ideas of how to be a good friend? One of us is particularly good on computers and has even done some of Miss Franklin's work for her! We are growing every day and are nearly big enough to be cuddled by the children - we can't wait! 


Reggie and Simba

13th May 2022

We’ve had an exciting week getting to know our new home. We’ve settled in really well and have now moved into Red Class in the next stage of our settling in process. They have been really quiet for us so we don't get scared, thank you Red Class! We are both very hungry boys and have eaten lots and lots of food this week. We might have accidently decorated red class with grass too... oops! We are really happy and can’t wait to settle in properly and move into our main hutch and then we will get to do more with all of the children. They smell a bit funny though… not like rabbits!


Reggie and Simba

9th May 2022

We can officially introduce the newest members of the St Peter's family - Reggie on the left and Simba on the right! Thank you to everyone for their votes, these names won with 59% of the votes!


Reggie and Simba - it's official!

Still image for this video

6th May 2022

We announced something VERY exciting in our Worship this afternoon! School Council were busy earlier in the year collecting ideas from all the children to improve school. We have already purchased the shed and equipment outside at their request. The next item they wanted was a school pet..... so we got two bunnies!!! Please access school ping in order to vote for their names!! They are settling in, as they are still very young but once they are ready the children will be able to support their care and spend time with them! We are all very excited!!