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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School

Autumn 2

 Autumn 2 Curriculum Newsletter


Our fiction unit this half term is Fables. We will be reading and responding to different fables before text mapping and orally learning the Hare and the Tortoise. We will then innovate this fable to include our own characters and ideas. Our key skills this half term will be identifying and using inverted commas for direct speech and identifying and using adverbs. We will also be studying play scripts this half term. We will be analysing the features of playscripts, practicing performing and giving feedback and turning the Hare and the Tortoise into a playscript.


This half term we will beginning to understand the multiplication facts for the 3 and 4 times tables. We will be starting to use the grid method for multiplying teens numbers. We will also be looking at division by grouping and sharing and division as repeated subtraction.


Our topic is still Healthy Humans and this half term we will be looking at the skeleton. Our big question this half term is Why do animals (including humans) have a skeleton? We will be identifying and grouping animals with and without skeletons and observing and comparing their movement, exploring how the skeleton moves with the help of muscles and exploring ideas about what would happen if animals did not have skeletons.


This will be linked with Enterprise Week this half term. The children will be evaluating Christmas decorations then designing, planning and making felt Christmas decorations. The children will develop sewing skills, using the running stitch to join together two pieces of felt. They will also be sewing on decorations e.g. buttons, beads and sequins and attaching a hanging feature. Children will consider the cost of materials and then agree a price for sale. They will be introduced to the concept of cost and profit.


Our Computing unit this half term is Email. We will be thinking about different ways to communicate and learning how to open an email and respond to it. We will be creating a list of rules for using email safely and then making a quiz about the rules. Finally we will be learning how to attach documents to emails and responding to a series of email simulations.


The children will continue their learning on the Stone Age to Iron Age period finishing with a written outcome, where the children will decide which was the best period to live in and why. This will allow the children to show their understanding of the learning and compare developments throughout the Stone Age to Iron Age.


Our first RE unit this half term is Called by God. Our key questions include; What does it mean to be called by God? In what ways does God call people? How does God speak to people? What sort of tasks does God call people to do? Who has been/or could be called by God? We will answer these questions through exploring stories of prophets from the Old Testament and interviewing Father Paul from St Peter’s Church. Our second RE unit this half term is Christmas: God with us.  Our key questions include In what ways is God with us? How does it feel to be in the presence of God? How did/does the presence of Jesus have an impact on people’s lives? In what ways are we in the presence of Jesus in the world today?


The  children will revisit learning from last half term on greetings. They will develop French colours based around Autumn and Bonfire Night and learn the days of the week and months of the year. Each lesson sequence focuses on knowledge retrieval, speaking and listening, reading and writing.


This half term’s theme is around money and work. The children will be looking at reasons people work, different sectors of work, job stereotypes and setting personal goals.


Dance – In dance this half term we will be learning two musical theatre dances from Annie and Oliver!


Our music lessons will continue to be taught by Mrs Spall on a Thursday. This half term we will be focusing on learning Christmas songs for our performance at the end of term.