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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School

Spring 2

Spring 2: Animal Antics

Medium Term Plan

This medium term plan is subject to change, following children's interests and responses to activities and learning. 


Unit this term...

EYFS: Easter

UCF3: Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter garden?


Home Learning

Below is the Homework Matrix sent out for Spring 2 22-23. These activities should be done, if you wish to do some, alongside the expected reading and 'RWI Home Learning' each week.


Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)

We made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. Follow the link below to find out how we made them...

Our Ingredients

World Book Day 2023

It was World Book Day on Thursday 02.03.23, we celebrated at school on Friday 03.03.23. Follow the link below to see what we got up to...

Emergency Vehicle Creation

During Spring Term 1 we were learning about Real Life Superheroes. We found that the big 3 emergency services each have special vehicles that help them to do their work. We started a creative project to construct one of the three emergency vehicles: an ambulance, a police car or a fire engine. We established that each gave a different level of challenge as each would need different specific features.


We used a range of junk, plastic and cardboard, for our creation and had to think carefully about what we used for each feature. Once our model was constructed we realised the paint would not stick very well to the plastic, so we covered our models in papier mache which would mean the paint would stick, it also made out models stronger.


Once this has dried we set about decorating them. We looked closely at images of the real emergency vehicles and decorated in stages so the paint wouldn’t mix together. We are very proud of our creations, we have persevered over several weeks to create these and are now thrilled they are on display for the whole school to see in the corridor!

Mother's Day

It is Mother's Day on Sunday 19th March 2023. This week we learnt that Mother's Day is a Christian festival that started a long time ago and is celebrated in different ways at different times of year all over the world. In Britain it is usually celebrated on a Sunday in March. We have been thinking about all the special thing's our Mummies do for us. We read the story below and discussed why we each love our own Mummy.


Keep an eye out in your child's bookbag on Friday for a SPECIAL SURPRISE...

Why I Love my Mummy...

Thornton Hall Farm Trip

To round off our learning about animals, we visited the farm. On the link below are loads of pictures from our very exciting day filled with cuddling baby animals, feeding hungry lambs and a lifting heavy antlers!

Just 3 of the MANY animals we saw...

NSPCC 'Speak Out. Stay Safe.' 

We had our school Anti-Bullying week in the last week of this term. Follow the link below to read all about our learning. 

Neurodiversity Celebration

On Friday 31st March we celebrated Neurodiversity Awareness, Celebration Week 2023. In Red Class we focused on recognising that every persons brain works slightly differently and for some people those differences can be quite extreme. We has a lot of discussion about how we treat everybody with kindness and respect as we cannot see all of our differences just by looking at a person. We watched the two videos below which sparked a lot of thoughtful discussions. Watch the videos again with your children and continue building their awareness of our unique differences. If they have questions you aren't sure how to answer, feel free to email me (Miss Franklin) and I shall answer the questions in class. I have put a useful link underneath the videos with resources to support parents talking to their children about neurodivergence. 

Amazing Things Happen!


You can find lots more resources for discussions at around neurodivergence home on this link: