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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School


Home Learning- Thursday 4th March 2021 – PINK CLASS


Please complete today’s home learning as below.


Home learning is compulsory. If you are having problems, please contact school or

email me with the email address provided. Please remember to send me an email at

the end of each day with photos of the learning completed. You can send emails to my email address on the main class page.

Joe Wicks is also back this week at 9am every morning on his YouTube channel. There are also extra physical activity ideas on the PE and Sport page on the website, under the curriculum tab.


Read, Write Inc

If you have not already done so, register for free on oxford owl. Here your child can continue to read books at the correct level. Follow the link below to register.



Mrs Douglas - Red Ditty group (set 3 sounds)

Miss Chadwick - Green group (set 3 sounds)

Miss Hargreaves - Pink group (set 3 sounds)

Miss Yates - Blue group (set 3 sounds)

Miss Wilkinson - Grey group (set 3 sounds)


Red Ditty-

Set 3 Reading ‘ew’-

Set 3 Spelling ‘ew’-

Red Words-



Set 3 Reading ‘ew’-

Set 3 Spelling ‘ew’-

Red Words-

Hold a Sentence-



Set 3 Reading ‘ea’-

Set 3 Spelling ‘ea’-

Red Words-

Hold a Sentence-



Set 3 Reading ‘ea’-

Set 3 Spelling ‘ea’-

Red Words-

Hold a Sentence-



Set 3 Reading ‘ea’-

Set 3 Spelling ‘ea’-

Red Words-

Reading Longer Words ‘ou/ow’ –



Literacy task for Blue and Grey group

The Lancashire Literacy team have produced weekly units with reading and writing tasks based on a text. This week’s lessons are based on Amazing Birds (Week 2) including nature guides to read and videos to watch. See attached document.


  • Additional reading tasks have been set on Purple Mash if you wish to complete them. This is optional, the above Read, Write, Inc videos are compulsory.
  • Read Chapter 4- Daisy and the Memory Box 
  • Chapter 4 quiz
  • Chapter 4 missing words
  • Chapter 4 joining words
  • Chapter 4 memory box
  • Chapter 4 blank greeting card



Key Skill

Red, Green or Pink group are learning to use the apostrophe for contraction when joining two separate words.


Blue or Grey group are learning how to spell and use some tricky words such as 'would' and 'people'.



1. Practice your times tables on Times Table Rock Stars- login is inside your Home Reading Record. You can also play on Numbots. This is the same login as your Times Table Rock Stars.

Times Table Rock Stars:



2. Play ‘Hit the Button’. When you go on the link, click the button ‘Division Facts’. In the column Hit the Answer and divide by 5. 


3. In today’s lesson you will be adding either one hour or half an hour onto a given time.


4. There is a task set on My Maths for you to complete. You will have ‘Telling Time 1’ set for you. Remember you login and password are inside of your Home Reading Record!




We are carrying on with our new topic in Geography- learning about India.

Today you will need to use the internet to find out some facts about India.

First can you remember the answer to these questions:

  1. How many continents are there?
  2. How many oceans are there?
  3. What continent is the UK part of?

Recap yourself with the songs, listen and watch the two links below.

Seven continents song:

Five oceans song:

Read the PowerPoint ‘India Information’ where it will tell you some facts about India.

Complete the sheet attached called ‘Fact Finder on India’ use the internet to search for the answers to fill out the table.



In this lesson, we will be thinking all about how colours can make us feel. We will begin to learn about the properties of colour and how to select colours for our art to express an emotion. At the end of the lesson, we will be drawing a self-portrait in our sketch books using the colours that express how we are feeling today. This lesson includes some physical activity and equipment beyond pen, paper or pencil. Please make sure your child is adequately supervised.



Please remember to send photos to our emails of your work!



Kind Regards,
Miss Wilkinson and Miss Yates