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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School

Summer 1

Summer 1: Far Far Away

Medium Term Plan

This medium term plan is subject to change, following children's interests and responses to activities and learning. 


Unit this term...

EYFS: Special Places

Weekly Updates

w.b. 18.04.22

We have had a lovely week settling back into school ready for the Summer term. We have done a lot of Maths work this week, focusing on numbers to 20. We worked together to create a number line to 20 with different children being the teacher. We had to postpone our Farm Trip this week and the children in school were very disappointed, so as a treat we had lunch outside on 'trip day', a special picnic which the children loved. 

w.b. 02.05.22

WOW! What an incredibly busy week. We had a fantastic time celebrating Eid Al Fitr and went to Thornton Hall Farm for our first ever school trip on Thursday. 

Follow the links below for lots of information and photos from both of these events. 

w.b. 16.05.22

After a quiet week last week, we have had an extremely busy week this week. We have been on our airport trip which we loved and learnt a lot from and finally released our butterflies into the wild. Follow the links below to the pages with more information and all the photos are below. 

This week we also became scientists. We put on our "lab coats" and "safety goggles" and stepped into the outside classroom to experiment with a stomp rocket. On Wednesday we investigated to find out what we would need to make the rocket launch and then on Thursday we investigated to see if the shorter or longer rocket would travel furthest. We used lots of scientific questioning and used our maths learning about weight and length to find our results. 

  • Investigation 1 results:

We tried using a feather, magnet, bucket and an inflatable dice. The bucket made the rocket go a tiny bit, but everything else didn't make the rocket launch at all. Hmm, what could we use? Oh, one of us could stamp on it? Go on the Sofia. We found that something heavy has to be applied to the pump... Sofia stamping on it was the best result in this test. 

  • Investigation 2 results: 

To find the distance between the launch pad and the rocket we needed to measure somehow. Miss Franklin and Umish both took steps between the launch pad and the rocket, Miss Franklin only took 2 steps, but Umish took 4 steps, this can't be right? Ah, because our steps are different. We needed something the same length to measure the distance. We established using the meter rule would be ideal, as it has numbers on it too. The long rocket went 1 meter and 11 cm. The short rocket went nearly 3 meters. Which went furthest? 

We then had run using the rocket into the outdoor classroom provision, all taking turns to stamp on it and see how far it went. We are super scientists!

Investigation 1

Blast Off...

Still image for this video

Investigation 2