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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School

Spring 2

Spring 2 Curriculum Overview


This half term, we will cover a narrative unit based around Boudicca. The children will research and explore the character of Boudicca as well as other characters from historical narratives. Grammar skills will include revisiting adverbs leading to the use of fronted adverbials; prepositions and complex sentences using the conjunction since. Short writing opportunities will include: writing character descriptions, Top Trumps cards and writing a speech for the main character. The final outcome will be a historical narrative story set in the Iron Age.


This half term we will look at mental methods for addition and subtraction, adding and subtracting ones and tens and using mental compensation. Then we will revisit our learning on the grid method for multiplication. Following this, we will look will revisit division using a number line for repeated subtraction and then we will be looking at mass and capacity.


Our Science unit is Forces and Magnets. Pupils will be comparing how things move on different surfaces. They will also be observing how magnets attract or repel each other and attract some materials and not others. They will compare and group together a variety of everyday materials based on whether they are attracted to a magnet, identifying some magnetic materials. They will also be able to describe magnets as having two poles and predict whether two magnets will attract or repel each other, depending on which poles are facing.


This half term the children will study jewellery making. First, they will investigate jewellery from periods of history that they have studied, for example Stone Age to Iron Age and the Roman period. The children will also learn about different jewellery designers. Taking inspiration from their research, they will design their own pieces of jewellery and explore different jewellery making techniques and materials. Finally, they will create their final piece of jewellery using salt dough.


We will be finishing off our spreadsheet unit. Following this we will be starting our unit on Presenting using PowerPoint. The children will learn how to add, text, media and animation to slides within PowerPoint.


Our key enquiry question is: How different was life in Britain after the Romans left? The unit will focus on the impact of the Romans in Britain comparing it to life in the Iron Age and looking at life after the Romans. We will look at some key changes brought about by the Romans, including architecture.


Our Easter unit this half term is: Exploring the sadness and joy of Easter. Pupils will explore the Easter story from the angle of feelings evoked by the different events through Holy week. We will discover how the services held in Church during Holy week reflect the sadness and joy. Key questions that we will be thinking about include; is the cross a symbol of sadness and joy? Is Good Friday the beginning or the end? Is Easter Sunday the end or the beginning?


This half term the children will be looking at carnival traditions in France. They will be speaking and writing numbers from 1-15, asking “How old are you?” and practice a simple dialogue about themselves using familiar questions. Finally, they will be reading and writing dates in French and learning some vocabulary linked with Easter.


This half term we will be continuing our learning on relationships, looking at safe relationships, personal boundaries and the impact of hurtful behaviour. We will also be looking at recognising respectful behaviour, including the importance of self-respect, courtesy and being polite.


The children will have sessions on Outdoor Adventures this half term. PE sessions will continue to be on Tuesday afternoons. On Wednesday afternoons, half of the class will be swimming.


Helen will continue to teach our dance lessons on a Thursday morning.


Our music lessons will continue to be taught by Mrs Spall on Monday morning.