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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School

Spring 1



Welcome to Spring 1. I hope you have had a lovely break and are ready to learn all that we have got planned for you.


Literacy We will continue with the Read, Write Inc scheme to develop our reading and writing skills. It is very important that the children learn their red words for homework as all the children will be taking the phonics check test in the summer term to assess their phonics knowledge. This is a national test that all Year One children take. In the afternoon we will be reading a story called 'Lost and Found' where a boy makes an unusual friendship with a penguin. We will explore the characters and do some short writing activities based on the book. We will then use our storytelling actions to learn the story off by heart. 


Maths - In Maths we will be counting to 100 and beyond, reading and writing numbers, comparing, ordering, representing using diagrams and equipment and adding and subtracting within 20. We will learn how to begin to measure and record mass/weight and recognise the value of different coins. We will also learn to solve problems involving all of the above.


Science - In Science we will be learning about a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. We will be finding out and describing how animals look different to one another and grouping animals according to their different features. The children will learn that animals need to be treated with care and sensitivity to keep them alive and healthy.


Geography - In Geography we will be thinking about hot and cold areas of the world. Here are the key questions we will be exploring in our geography lessons.


  • What do we mean by the hot/cold places of the world?
  • Where are the hot/cold places in the world?
  • What is the weather like in the hot places of the world (near the Equator)?
  • What is the weather like near the cold places of the world (North or South Pole)?
  •  How is the weather at the Equator/Poles different from the weather in our country?
  • What sorts of animals live in that hot/cold place?
  • What sorts of plants grow in that hot/cold place? 
  • What would it be like to live in that hot/cold place?


Art - This terms art work is based on an Artist called Paul Smith. He is a full-time Artist who makes sculptures in his studio in the Peak District. His style is bold and graceful. With lots of curves and simple detail.


RE - In RE we will be starting our 'Jesus was special unit' where we will learn about Jesus’ disciples and read many bible stories about Jesus and his teachings. 


Music - In our music lessons we will be doing another of the Charanga units from the Lancashire music service. We will listen to and appraise new songs, continue to do pulse, pitch and rhythm games, learn to sing a song and play a simple composition on the glockenspiel.


PE - In PE this half term we will be learning about fundamental movements, which include running, hoping, skipping and jumping. We will also be learning how to throw, catch, roll, bounce and kick a ball.