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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School




At St Peter’s we believe that ‘Every child of God matter’s’.  At St Peter’s we aim for our children to experience a high-quality music education that will engage and inspire them to develop a lifelong love of music and develop their own musicianship.  All children will have numerous opportunities to develop their musicianship skills.  They will: perform to an audience, listen to, review and evaluate a range of music, learn to sing and use their voices, compose their own music, learn an instrument and understand and explore how music is created.   Children will end key stage 2 with an increased self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement with the abilities to be able to continue to develop their musical skills outside of school if they so choose.




At St Peter’s we follow the charanga scheme of work for Music.  This covers the range of knowledge and skills that pupils need to know and have and progresses through each year group.   Through it, children learn a wide range of songs from different genres and styles, it helps develop their musicianship skills, such as their knowledge of pitch, dynamics, rhythm, pulse and timbre and they listen and appraise a range of music from different historical periods, looking at where in history it appears.  For KS2, an external teacher from the Lancashire Music service delivers the music lessons using Charanga and also children’s instrumental lessons.  In years 3 and 4 all children are taught the recorder and then in year 5 and 6 they progress to learning the clarinet.


Children sing outside of music lessons regularly in times of whole school worship and on special occasions throughout the year such as the Christmas carol service and harvest assembly.  Some children will have the opportunity to take part in ‘Let’s go sing’ run by Blackburn Cathedral.  Children will take part in music workshops during their time at St Peter’s, furthering their knowledge of different instruments, styles and genres and increasing their love of music further.




Through their music education at St Peter’s, children will develop a lifelong love of music, be that a greater appreciation of the composition or complexity of music they already enjoy or a new-found love for music they had previously not experienced.  For some, this will lead onto continuing to develop their skills at playing an instrument that they have learned at St Peter’s or being inspired to learn a new instrument.  All children will have developed their creativity through their music education and will show a greater confidence in expressing themselves musically.