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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School

Safer Internet Day 2022

Safer Internet Day 2022


This years safer internet day was all about exploring respect and relationships online.  We all spend time on the internet for different reasons and it is important that we know how to stay safe.  We have been thinking about how we spend our time online and we focussed on gaming.  What features do Games have to keep us safe? For example we can report or block people that are acting unkindly towards us.  We discussed what we can do if we see or hear unkind things and how to support each other.  The children all had good thoughts to share in their discussions.

Here are a couple of examples of work the children produced on the day.

Internet Safety Year 6 - Getting to grips with gaming

Their lesson began by being introduced to an alien from the planet Gnymag who needed to learn all about gaming. The children helped him by looking at the symbols that are next to the usernames and how we should use them, for example add as a friend, report or block.  Then they looked at some chat messages and discussed in groups strategies to deal with these.

Independently they played 'In the Moment' where various scenarios were outlined and wrote about how they would deal with these. They finished by playing an Internet Safety Quiz, why not have a go! 

Year 5 - Is the Internet all fun and games?

For online safety, Blue class had a debate to discuss the question: Is the internet all fun and games? Following this, the children created their own gaming guide, which included designing a mascot who would appear during our games to give five tips for how to keep safe when playing games online.

Year 3 - Staying Safe Online 

First of all they watched the Safer Internet Day 2022 PowerPoint. As a class they thought about what the ‘ingredients’ for happy and healthy relationships offline are. We then discussed that these are also the ingredients for respectful relationships online too! These are the ingredients that will help make the internet a kinder, happier, healthier place for everyone. They shared some examples of how they have been kind online. Finally they created their own recipes for respectful relationships online. 

Year 2 - Staying Safe Online

Safer Internet Day is when we celebrate all the great things about being online and remind ourselves how we can stay safe. This year for Safer Internet Day, we looked at two things: having fun online and how to treat other people online. In Pink Class we have read a book called ‘Digiduck and the Magic Castle’. This book is about keeping passwords safe and what to do if a pop up appears and asks you for your password.


Pink Class Top Tips: 


  • Always ask for help if something pops-up on the screen.
  • Always ask permission before downloading something new.
  • Keep passwords to yourself and do not share them with friends.


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Year 1 Internet Safety


This year for Safer Internet Day, Year 1 looked at two things -  having fun online, like playing your favourite games or watching your favourite shows, and how we behave with other people online.  

Going online, means using the internet. 

They discussed what they would do if something happens that makes them feel sad, worried, uncomfortable or frightened. Then they read a story about Digiduck and used emoji fans to think about how each character was feeling at different parts of the story. When Digiduck was confused, worried or sad, they talked about who they could go to for help at home or in school. They had lots of fun talking about all the different things and games we play online. 

Yellow Class Safer Internet Day 2022 Film (2) (1).mp4

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In EYFS for Safer Internet Day they discussed what they like to do on their devices at home and established that they all like to play games. They read the story of 'Digiduck and The Magic Castle'. In the story Digiduck is playing a game on his Daddy's phone and with his friends, guesses his Dad's password and ends up with his parents being charged real money for in game purchases. They discussed how you should never share your passwords with anyone, that you need to make passwords tricky for someone to guess and that you should never try and guess or use someone else's password. They also discussed how if something pops up on our device and they do not know what it is, then they should tell a trusted grown-up immediately. 


They then worked in small groups with Miss Franklin to make our 'Kinder Internet Spells'. We used the words provided from the activities to make our spells. You can see our spells below.