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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School

Autumn 1

Green Class – Autumn 1


This half term Green Class will be reading and responding to the story Paddington. They will be text mapping and orally learning the story which they will then innovate to write their own story. They will practice using conjunctions to join clauses and we will also introduce complex sentences as well as starting to identify and use speech punctuation. In our non-fiction unit they will be creating a visitor’s guide. The unit will focus on features on information texts, for example paragraphs, sub headings. The children will also use research skills to gather ideas.


The children will start the new term with Place Value, Addition and Subtraction. They will look at place value in numbers up to 1000. They will practice counting on and back in ones and tens, exchanging tens for hundreds and hundreds for tens and looking at different strategies for mental addition and subtraction. They will also cover length and perimeter and statistics this half term.


The Science topic this half term is Healthy Humans. Our key questions include: How do they keep healthy? And How can they group the different foods that they eat? They will be exploring the important jobs that each food group do, researching some healthy recipes and predicting how much sugar and salt are in different foods.


The Art topic this half term is the artist LS Lowry. They will be studying examples of his paintings before having a go at drawing his matchstick men and industrial buildings ourselves. They will then put together all the skills they have learnt to create a Lowry style piece of art.


The first Computing unit this year is Email. The children will be using 2Email on Purple Mash as a safe space to learn about how to open, respond and send emails. They will also learn about email safety online and how to attach attachments to emails. They will also understand the terms CC and BCC and how and when to use them.


This term, the children will be studying the changes to life in Britain from the Stone Age period through to the Iron Age. They will be thinking about how historians have been able to find out information about this period and will be exploring lots of primary and secondary sources to find out all about the development of early man. Children will also have first hand experience of what it was like to live in the Stone Age through an outdoor workshop. At the end of this unit, the children will demonstrate their understanding of the changes by discussing how the introduction of bronze and iron changed life in Britain.


In the Harvest unit, the children will think about the Christian value of thankfulness. They will consider Christian practices in relation to Harvest and make links with practices within school, the community, their own lives and the wider world. Following this, the children will recap on the Jewish festival of Sukkot and consider the importance of this within the Jewish faith.


This term will start with getting to know you, colours and numbers. The children will learn how to: ask and answer names, ask and answer about simple feelings, count from 0-11 and six colours.


This half term is all about belonging to a community. The children will consider the value of laws and rules; rights including the rights of children, freedoms and responsibilities.


Mr Carr will be teaching Target Games in PE on Wednesdays and Fridays. Helen will also be teaching Dance on Thursday mornings.


Music will be taught by Mrs Spall from the Lancashire Music Service on Monday mornings.