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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School

Friday 15th January 2021

Home Learning- Friday 15th January 2021 – YELLOW CLASS


Good morning children smiley

Here is your home learning for today. You are nearly at the end of your home learning for this week. Well done! Thank you again to parents and carers for all your emails this week with your child's work. 


Read, Write Inc

If you haven’t already done so, register for free on oxford owl. Here your child can

continue to read books at the correct level. Follow the link below to register.


Ask your child whose group they are in for Read, Write, Inc and then see below for

their Read, Write, Inc level. Some children have changed groups after the Christmas

holidays. The children were in their new groups yesterday, however, if your child

does not know, please email me to ask or contact school.


Mrs Ditta and Mrs Douglas - Red Ditty group (set 2 sounds)

Miss Chadwick - Green group (set 2 sounds)

Miss Hargreaves - Pink group (set 3 sounds)

Miss Yates - Blue group (set 3 sounds)

Miss Wilkinson - Grey group (set 3 sounds)


Click the link below to watch a daily speed sound and spelling lesson. Then read one

book at the correct level on Oxford Owl.

Set 2 Reading ‘air’ –

Set 2 Spelling ‘air’ –

Set 3 Reading ‘ur’ –

Set 3 Spelling ‘ur’ –


Red words (also known as tricky words) need to be practised daily.

Click the link below for this week’s red words matching your child’s reading level

above. These are the same words all week as they need to know these fluently.


Red Ditty








Starter; Finding half of a number within 10. In this lesson, we will find half of quantities within 10.


Main activity - watch; 10 More 10 Less - Addition and Subtraction Video for Kids


Religious Education 

Our new topic this term is Jesus was Special. Lesson 2- Learning Challenge - To know and be able to recall the story of the calling of the disciples. Discuss - How did Jesus make friends? Why did people make friends with Jesus? Jesus had many friends but there were twelve men that he chose to be his special friends. This group are known as Jesus’ disciples.


Watch the following clip –


Activity - Children to draw a picture of Jesus and his special friends and make a list of their names.

Disciples names if you need them - (Peter, Andrew, James, John, Phillip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James, Simon, Judas and Judas Iscariot)


Computing - Lesson 2 

Learning Challenge -To follow and create simple instructions on the computer. Revise the word ‘Algorithm’.


An ‘algorithm’ is a precise, step-by-step set of instructions used to solve a problem or achieve an objective.


This week you are going to colour and label an elephant without any instructions to follow so hopefully all the elephants will be unique and all the children will have used different colours.

Next week you are going to be given an algorithm for colouring a picture.


Activity – 2do has been set.


Please see attached document with instructions how to access todays task.