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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School

Friday 8th January 2021

Home learning- Friday 8th January 2021


Please complete today’s home learning. See below.

Read, Write, Inc.

If you haven’t already done so, register for free on oxford owl. Here your child can

continue to read books at the correct level. Follow the link below to register.


Ask your child whose group they are in for Read, Write, Inc and then see below for their Read, Write, Inc level. Some children have changed groups after the Christmas holidays. The children were in their new groups yesterday, however, if your child does not know, please email me to ask or contact school.


Mrs Douglas - Red Ditty group (set 2 sounds)

Miss Chadwick - Green group (set 2 sounds)

Miss Hargreaves - Pink group (set 3 sounds)

Miss Yates - Blue group (set 3 sounds)

Miss Wilkinson- Grey group (set 3 sounds)


Click the link below to watch a daily speed sound and spelling lesson. Then read one book at the correct level on Oxford Owl.

Set 2 Reading ‘ow’

 Set 2 Spelling ‘ow’

Set 3 Reading ‘i-e’-

Set 3 Spelling ‘i-e’


Red words (also known as tricky words) need to be practised daily. Click the link

below for this week’s red words matching your child’s reading level above. These are the same words all week as they need to know these fluently.

Red Ditty-







Starter - First, practice counting forwards and backwards on the hundred square attached. Then see if they can identify one more and one less than any given number.


Lesson 4 - Reading and writing the time to o'clock (Part 1). In this lesson, you will be reading and telling the time to o'clock. Please follow the link to the online lesson.


Yesterday I had some emails saying your children were struggling with doubling. Please see lesson below on doubling. Hopefully this will help.


Topic- R.E 

Our new topic this term is Jesus was Special

Lesson 1- Learning Challenge - To be able to talk about their own feelings and experiences.

Begin with a discussion about friendship. How do we make friends? Who are your special friends? What makes a person a good friend? How do you show you are a good friend? What activities do you do with your friends?

Activity - Children to draw a picture of their special friends. Write about how they met them and why they are their friend.

Support- label their friend with qualities.

Ask children who they drew. What qualities has their friend got? How do they show them they are special?


Computing Lesson 1 8.1.21 -To emphasise the importance of following instructions.

Discuss the word ‘Algorithm’. An ‘algorithm’ is a precise, step-by-step set of instructions used to solve a problem or achieve an objective. Discuss examples of any algorithms that they use during their lives? One example is getting ready for school in the morning: usually, they will follow a correct order for doing things, but what would happen if they put their trousers on before their pants, for example? What about making breakfast? What if they poured out the cereal before getting a bowl?

Activity - Example of an algorithm

Example of RE sheet