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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School

Gold Class

Bubble Closing

In the event of a bubble closure, I will be posting Home Learning in the folder below. Thank you 

Gold Class - Harvest 2020 - Harvest Around The World

Still image for this video
In their tribute to this season of Harvest, Gold Class tell us about harvest around the world.

North West Ambulance Service

This afternoon, Gold Class joined 70 other schools in a zoom meeting with the North West Ambulance Service as part of the Restart a Heart project.

The main objectives were to understand what to do if an emergency arises and how to spot the difference between a heart attack and a cardiac arrest. A paramedic took part in the zoom meeting and demonstrated how to perform CPR, she also showed us how to use a defibrillator.

At the end, we had a quiz and  Gold Class are now quite the experts at spotting the differences and performing CPR.


Homework 14th October 2020

PurpleMash - I have set you a grammar activity that uses commas for clauses. You need to insert the commas in the correct place.

MyMaths - This week we are looking at mixed numbers. Think carefully and remember to press the Mark It button on both pages to submit your work.  - This week we are looking at cial and tial words. The rule on spelling frame is rule 38.

ReadingEggs - I have set you all a comprehension lesson - read the text carefully before you answer.

TTRockstars - Don't forget to go on and take part in the battle between Gold and Blue class.


Homework 7th October 2020  - Rule 46.  This week we are working on the letter string 'ough'. 


PurpleMash - Your task this week is to continue our work on synonyms but we are also looking at antonyms (words with opposite meanings). The task is quite challenging and does have a timer. There are quite a few levels, so keep persevering. 


MyMaths - This week your activity is adding and subtracting fractions. Please remember to press the MARK IT button on BOTH pages.  - Some of you have spent over 5 hours reading books from the online library, which is fantastic!!  Keep this up!!


TTRockstars - Last week we won the battle with Blue Class once again, fingers crossed for the next one.



Homework 30th September 2020

Once again, I would like to thank you for all your support, the children are making super progress and we are delighted with how happy and settled they are.

MyMaths - this week, we are continuing to practice our addition and subtraction written methods. There are some very large numbers to calculate. Take your time and remember to press the MARK IT button on BOTH pages.

PurpleMash - this week, I have set you a tenses activity. You will need to read the sentences carefully, then choose the most suitable words to insert.

TTRockstars - Mr Crotty has set another tournament. We have beaten Blue Class every time - keep this up!  This week we are working on tious and cious words. You can play the game on the website - its Rule 37 - remember there is a very large library that you can access for Reading for Pleasure. You will need to set the filters so that you access the books that are at your level.

As always, if you need to contact me, I am available on

Thank you for continuing to support your child with their learning.

We are delighted with how the children are engaging with their learning in order to improve.

Homework 23rd September 2020

  • PurpleMash - this week there is an activity where you need to sort words into pronouns, nouns, adjectives and prepositions. Remember there are several levels, aim as high as you can.
  • MyMaths - this week your learning is revision of addition and subtraction. Remember to exchange and add your carries.
  • TTRockstars - practice your 6's 7's and 8's. Don't forget the battle between Blue and Gold classes, we have won the last two battles!
  • Spellings - 

    advise, advice, 
    device, devise, 
    practice, practise, 
    licence, license

    Rule – CE words are nouns, SE words are verbs  There is no game on spelling frame for these. Practise putting them into sentences to highlight whether they are verbs or nouns.

  • Reading Eggs - you can either complete the comprehension lessons or read from the library. Some children have managed to read for over 5 hours over the last two weeks. Such a fantastic achievement!

As always, if you have any questions or would like extra work for your child to practise a specific skills, please let us know or email me on



Homework 16th September 2020

Thank you for supporting your child with their homework last week.    When you go onto the site, please click on the custom list tab. Then click enter word list code. The code is 51098. This code will allow the games to be played and therefore practice this week's spellings. - this week we are looking at root words with suffixes and prefixes. The game is in levels, once one level is correct, you automatically move to the next level.  - I have set two activities. The first is estimating and involves practice of rounding which we have been doing in class this week. The second is more challenging and involves partitioning large numbers.

Reading - this week I have set a short comprehension booklet about the Vikings. Of course, reading eggs is available to go on if you want extra reading.

TTrockstars - remember to go and practice or take part in the battle against Blue Class.


If you don't have the Internet, are experiencing connection problems or simply want a paper copy of homework, please ask, we have copies in class. If you are finding the homework challenging, please ask for help. Thank you Mrs Coyne


On Friday 11th September, Gold Class were invited to take part in a zoom meeting with Wajid Khan, the Mayor of Burnley.

He asked us lots of questions about our lessons and what we had been doing during lockdown. We asked him lots of questions about life as a Mayor.

We chatted for that long, that he was almost late for his next meeting.

Just before signing off, he told us some top secret information about the famous Burnley cricketer, James Anderson. You will have to wait for the news announcement to find out what is was!

Did you know? The Mayor has to attend an average of 255 meetings a year!!!!

Wajid Khan, Mayor of Burnley


Homework 9th September 2020  This week we are using Rule 41, ible and able words.  I have set you a ToDo, this activity involves sorting words into different word classes. It is quite a challenge, but I would like you to have a go.  I have set 2 challenges this week, one is negative numbers and the other one is working with very big numbers. Remember to press the Mark It button on each page or your work won't be submitted.  You have been set a battle between our class and Blue class. You also have times tables to learn.


We are also using Reading Eggs this term on top of your usual reading book. I have set some comprehension for you or you can simply choose a book from the extensive library on there.


If you have any problems, remember you can email me on


Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome to Year 6 - my name is Mrs Coyne and I am the class teacher.  I work alongside Mrs Craggs and Mrs Smith who are the teaching assistants in Year 6.


Normally, we would have had a Meet the Teacher session where questions could have been asked but unfortunately, due to the current situation with Covid19, this has not happened.


Please find below some of our expectations.


Homework - This is given out on Wednesday and returned the following Monday.  Homework will usually consist of spelling, grammar and maths.  Failure to bring in homework will result in missed playtime so your child can complete it.  I do understand that there are occasions when things happen and of course, should there be a genuine excuse, missed playtime will not happen.


Reading - it is expected that your child returns their home reading book AT LEAST three times a week.  Their home reading record must be signed and comments if appropriate.  Again, should reading books not be returned regularly, your child will miss playtime to read.


At school, we actively encourage Reading for Pleasure, children are free to choose their own reading book from our extensive class library.  Should they not be enjoying their book or find it too challenging, they are welcome to change it.  In class, your child will have access to First News (a children's newspaper) and comics, alongside fiction and non-fiction books.


PE Kits - it is expected that these are brought into school on the first day back and as we will be approaching winter, black pumps are needed for indoor lessons.  We often have visitors and other activities where kits are needed.  Should kits not be in school, your child may have to miss out on these.


Water Bottles - your child is more than welcome to bring in their own water bottles - if they don't have one, don't worry, we do have plastic cups that they can use.


Permission Slips, Forms - please return any forms or permission slips as soon as possible.  We are no longer allowed to accept verbal permission for trips or for permission for Internet use etc.  Should we not have these permissions, your child may miss out on computing and enrichment activities.


We are always available before and after school should you need to speak to either of us, or if you have any questions.


Please also find below this post, Summer Homework for your child who will be moving into Gold Class in September 2020.


Thank you,


Mrs Coyne

Please watch the slideshow below to see some of the fantastic learning and enrichment activities that took place in Gold Class during 2019-2020.


Following advice from Lancashire County Council we can now open school from June 22nd 2020 for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. 

For those of you who wish to keep your children at home I shall continue to post Distance Learning each Monday as usual. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me on the address below. 

I am really looking forward to seeing you soon! 

Hello and welcome to another week of Home Learning. I have attached all the resources that you will need to access your learning this week.

If you are one of the children attending school this week, then you won't need to do any of these activities unless you want to supplement your learning.

English - This is part two of the Adventurers and Explorers unit. Find out what it takes to survive in the jungle, read a real-life jungle survival story and dive into Katherine Rundell’s thrilling novel, ‘The Explorer’.

Maths  - As usual, there are activities on MyMaths for you to complete. I have extended the date on the previous activities on there for those of you who would like to catch up with your learning.

Science - The powerpoint this week is Classification - you will be classifying plants and animals according to various characteristics.

First News - Attached is the newspaper and various activities for you to complete about zoos.

Phse - Attached is a powerpoint and resource for you. This week is all about transition to secondary school.

Computing -  When you click on the link, there are lots of activities for you to complete. it is entirely up to you which activities you do, but please let me know if you need any help.

PurpleMash - I have put four different ToDo's for you to complete. I have also extended the date on the previous activities on there for those of you who would like to catch up on your learning.

PE -

As usual, there is TTRockstars to go on each day, and I am available on email should you need to contact me or send me any of your work. 

St John Thursby - Important Information


For those of you going to Sir John Thursby High School in September, please click on the link to find out all about the school.

This page is updated regularly, so please keep revisiting it.

Hello and welcome to this week's Home Learning. Please find attached, everything you need to access your learning this week.

ENGLISH - Adventurers and Explorers. This week's Lancs unit focusses on Bear Grylls, Sir Edmund Hillary and Ernest Shackleton. You will be writing a blog, a guide on how to surive the wilderness and creating a fact file.

MATHS - I have put new activities on MyMaths - if you need your log in details, please email me.

SCIENCE - This week's powerpoint is all about invertebrates.

PE -    Click the link for this week's PE activities

PHSE - This week is all about the benefits of sleep and how you can achieve this.

MUSIC - There are new songs for you to learn on Yumu.

FIRST NEWS - check out the latest newspaper and attached resources.

PURPLEMASH - I have put on 7 activities for you this week - a coding game, a debugging game, free code, busy beats music, times table race and spellings.

As usual, don't forget to go on TTRockstars.

Remember, you can email me on PurpleMash or  email and send me work on

Ant & Dec NSPCC Video

Click on the above link to watch Ant and Dec.

Hello and welcome to week 9 of home learning. Attached are all the resources that you need to access this week's learning.

English - This week is all about microbes. You will be researching famous scientists and looking at the NHS.

Maths - There are 6 new tasks on MyMaths for you - if you need your log in details, please email me.

Science - I have attached a powerpoint which is all about the platypus.

Phse - This week's phse focusses on mental health and includes activities.

First News - Attached is the newspaper and various activities for you.

PE -

PurpleMash - I have set new activities for you which include spelling, debugging and coding.

French - click on the Curriculum pencil, then on the French icon. Download the Home Learning KS2 pdf, we are on stage 4 and our unit is Favourites.

Music - Continue with your music lesson on Yumu

The link below is for The Ickabog - the new story written by JK Rowling. It is free to read and from the first three chapters, that I have read so far, looks fantastic!


As always, I am available by email or you can ask questions on here.

Take care and have fun with this week's activities. 

Hello and welcome to week eight of home learning.

I hope you are all safe and well. Please see the attached files which you will need to access your home learning this week.

English - Part two of climate change which focusses on animal habitats and our carbon footprint.

Maths - I have set 5 activities for you on MyMaths - if you need your log in details again, please let me know.

PurpleMash - I have set 2 spelling activites, a coding activity and a debugging challenge.

Science - Lesson 3 - branching keys - all the information and explanations that you need are on the powerpoint.

PE -

First News - I have attached the paper for you to read and some home learning activities.

French - Click on the Curriculum pencil, then on the French icon. From there you can download the KS2 home learning pdf file. We are on Stage 4 - Sports

TTRockstars - You should be practising your times tables daily.

If you need any further information or if you have any queries, please email me on PurpleMash or

Following Lancashire County Council advice we will not be opening school to Year 6 pupils from Tuesday the 2nd June as originally planned. Instead we will be continuing with our current arrangemnts to remain open only for children of key workers and vulnerable pupils. 


Online learning will continue for all Year 6 children in the usual way.

Please continue to visit this page, PurpleMash and MyMaths for your distance learning activities.


If you have any questions, please email me at


Welcome to week 7 of home learning. I hope you are all safe and well.

Attached are the resources that you will need to access your learning this week.

English - This is week one of a two week unit on climate change. You will be reading a lot of non-fiction texts and writing persuasive speech.

Maths - There are 5 new tasks on MyMaths this week. You also need to make sure that you are accessing TTRockstars and working through the challenges that I have set for you.

Science - This week's powerpoint is about classifying vertebrates. There are a lot of links for you to look at, then create your own factfile on a vertebrate of your choice.

PurpleMash - I have set new activities for you: Spelling, Grammar and debugging.

First News - As usual, there is the shortened version of the newspaper for you to read, then some activities based on designing homes for animals.

PHSE - I have attached a powerpoint called Making Decisions that has some activities for you to complete.

PE - Click on the link for this week's timetable.

FRENCH - Click on the curriculum pencil on our school website, click on the French icon, then download the KS2 Home Learning pdf file. We are working on Stage 4 - House.

I will be emailing you regularly throughout the week. Don't forget to send me your work or message me with news or any questions that you have.



Hello - I hope you are all safe and well and that you have enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend. I have enjoyed all your emails this week and hearing all about what you have been getting up to while you are at home. I have also enjoyed receiving your work - you are clearly working very hard. 


I hope you enjoyed seeing the collage on the Home Page of the school website from the staff.


Welcome to week six of home learning.

Attached are all the resources that you will need to access your learning this week.


Lancs English units - the overview and parents/ carers explanation letter. click on the link to watch the Lancashire Consultants.

First News - there is the shortened version of the newspaper and some ideas for you to do based on the newspaper.

Science powerpoint - this is series of 6 lessons and I have attached lesson 1 for you. There are some explanations for your parents or carers to read in order to help you to understand what to do.

MyMaths - I have put on 3 new activities.

TTRockstars - I have set you all some new challenges.

PurpleMaths - There are 2 spelling quizzes, a coding activity and a geography activity.

PSHE - This is a powerpoint with some activities based on Relationships.

PE -

FRENCH - click on the curriculum pencil, then onto the French section. From there you need to click on the pdf file called Home Learning KS2. We are on Stage 4 and the activity is Routine. 

Remember - you can email me on PurpleMash


with any work or questions. 

Take care and stay safe.



Great news!! 

Lancashire Library have launched an online library. All you need is your library card, or if you are not yet a member, you can join free of charge.

Click the link to find out more.


French and PE activities

Please click on the link above to access this week's PE timetable.


To access your French home learning, please click on the curriculum pencil. Next click on French. You will see Home Learning KS2.

We are on Stage 4. If you click on the PDF file, you will see the stages. You can scan using a QR code or click on the link to open up the activities.

This week I want you to look at the REVISIT activity.



Welcome to week 5 of Home Learning. I hope that you are all safe and well.

I am aware that this continues to be a difficult time for us all and I am here to support your home learning. I know everyone's situation is different, but please continue to try to keep a structure to your day and keep working on your English and Maths.

This is a very special week - Friday 8th May is VE Day. 

VE Day is when the Germans unconditionally surrendered, which marked the beginning of the end of WWII. On Friday it will be 75 years since this  historic moment.

To mark VE day, the BBC have made many resources available. One of these resources is a signing song using British Sign Language. Click on the link below, if you would like to learn this ballad.

Also attached are the resources that you will need for your English this week. The Lancs activities are based on Robots.

There are also some videos produced by the consultants which show tips, games and activities on the link below

I have also attached First News for you along with some activities.

I have also set 5 new ToDo's on PurpleMash.


Grammar (commas for clarity)

Blitz poetry

Battle of Hastings 

How light travels quiz


There are also new activities on MyMaths and don't forget your daily TTRockstars.

PE activities for this week


Remember you can email me your work, news or to talk to me about any problems. You can email me on PurpleMash or


I'm looking forward to seeing some of your work. Rohan sent a fantastic poem last week.



Welcome to week four of Home Learning.

Attached are the documents that you will need to access your learning this week.

There is the new unit from Lancashire which is based on the book Wonder, there is also a letter for you and your parents, which explains what you need to do.

LPDS TV has been devised for teachers, parents and children, offering short and simple tips, games and activities to keep children engaged with home learning.

Each episode lasts around 10 minutes and will be available for free on the Learning Excellence YouTube channel and Facebook page on a weekly basis.

Episode Two will go live at 9.30am on Monday 27th April and will feature 'online science support' with Rachael Webb, 'maths pong' with Andrew Taylor, 'quiz time' with Rob Musker, 'propagating Hydrangeas' with Steven Kenyon and 'ideas for spelling' with Nicola Martin:


I have set 4 ToDo's



Online safety quiz

King Alfred writing project

There are new maths activities on MyMaths for you to complete.

Don't forget TTRockstars, or if you fancy a change - try

Also attached is this week's First News.

For the children who use Reading Eggs, remember to log on and access the library and comprehension resources

Fancy something more creative? On the site below, you can create your own miniature book and learn to draw the Gruffalo. There are other activities too. You don't need to join, the activities are free.

Remember to check your emails on PurpleMash and email me with any problems, work you are proud of, or exciting news that you have. 



Physical activities for you to try at home


The Spar Lancashire School Games is a partnership between the Lancashire School Games Organiser Network (SGO’s), Active Lancashire and SPAR (sponsors).

During this time Lancashire SGO’s have developed a programme of activities and a hub of resources for young people to:

  • Remain active and Move
  • Access challenges to do individually or as a family
  • Enjoy being active through play
  • Learn new skills 

Click the link to access the timetable, from here you can watch clips and see links to different sporting activities.


Extra learning challenges

If you fancy doing some work that is a little bit different then click on the above link which will take you to the Oak Academy page who have been working closely with the government to produce resources for home learning.

On the home page - click classroom,

Then - subject - Y6.

Under Foundation there an activity on The Theory of Evolution which is revision from our Evolution and Inheritance topic from last Autumn.

Under English - there is some comprehension activities.

Under Maths - there are quite a few fraction activities.

Remember - These are only suggestions for extra activities. It is not compulsory that you do them.

Good morning and welcome to week three of home learning.

Please find attached the literacy activities which have been designed and created by the Lancashire Consultants. There is an information letter and the pdf file shows the activities that you need to do.

You will have to subscribe to some websites in order to read the extracts but these are free and easy to use.


I would also like you to continue using MyMaths and TTRockstars for your maths.

I have set four new ToDo's onto PurpleMash.

There is also a new Arithmetic quiz on Kahoot. You will need the pin 09641189.

Please remember to check your emails on PurpleMash as I can see that some of you have not accessed them. When on the home page, if you type 2email into the search bar, the email icon will show up, click onto that and you can read and reply to emails that I have sent to you. Emails will also show up on your notifications icon.


Remember you can send me any work that you do and I will post this onto our class page.

Remember, you can contact me either on this page through the comments box or via email which I check daily.

Mrs Coyne



Welcome to week two of home learning. I have attached some ideas for you to work on this week, including graffiti art and researching Gawthorpe Hall in Padiham.


I will put on ToDo's later in the week but in the meantime, don't forget to work on the following:

Don't forget to check your emails on Purple Mash and keep reading..


If you click the link below, it will take you to some reading comprehension on TestBase. The comprehension is called The Park.



Good morning Gold class.


As quite a few of you are big David Walliams fans, I have put a link where you can listen to some of his stories each day at 11am


Do you fancy learning all about money? Click on the link below to learn all about banks, accounts and scams. There are also quite a few games for you to play.


Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning Gold class.

Hopefully, you should have received your MyMaths logins through the post - if not, it will arrive shortly.

Once you are on the home page, it is very straightforward to log in using the password s sent to you.

I have set an arithmetic task and a 'big numbers' task. There is also a set of homework sheets for you.

You have one week to complete your work, then I will check it and set you some more.

I know that some of you are having problems with PurpleMash, logging on and uploading your work. Please do not worry about this, instead work on the other work that has been set for you.

Picture news are holding weekly virtual assemblies at 9am every Friday. You can watch using the following link 

There are a range of activities and a daily broadcast on Heart Smart

Remember to keep reading. 


Kahoot Quiz 25th March 2020

There is a new quiz for you on Kahoot about the circulatory system.

The pin is 0845534

Think carefully about your answers, some questions are tricky!

Don't forget to go onto TTRockstars, Purple Mash and

You should be spending about 15-20 minutes on each of these every day.


24th March 2020

Good morning Gold class.

I have set four 2Do's for you on Purple Mash. 

Science - create a fact file about Louis Pasteur. There is a lot of information on the Internet and also within the app.

Geography - You have been tasked with creating an information leaflet on Brazil. This information leaflet is designed to persuade people to visit Brazil for a holiday, so will need to include a lot of information. There are some ideas on the app to help you.

Vocabulary - syonyms and antonyms

Maths - co-ordinates

Remember to mix your time on the various websites that you have got logins for.

For example - 15 mins on TTRockstars, 15 mins on Spelling Frame and so on.

Don't forget, reading for pleasure is equally important - curl up and enjoy a good book for a while.


Hello Gold Class, welcome to week one of home learning.

You are expected to work through the items on the attached home learning document over the week. There will be a new home learning document posted each week for you to complete.

We have signed up to a trial of NumBots which is accessible via TTRockstars - it starts off very simple, but the faster you work through it, the more challenging it becomes.


Remember that you can email me with any problems or questions that you may have. You can take photos of any work that you are proud of and email that to me via Purple Mash. Remember to check your alerts on Purple Mash as I will be setting you some ToDo's. I will also be emailing you to check on how you are doing.


Mrs Coyne



To access Numbots, click on the following link

Log in using your Purple Mash login.

Joe Wickes will also be doing a daily PE lesson at 9am, although you can access this at any time through the following link.


Dear Parents and Carers, a home learning pack has been sent home with your child today.


I have also attached a word document that gives the web addresses for the various learning platforms that we use in class.


All tasks will be published on this page.



Spring Two


Welcome back to a very busy half term.

This half term we have got our much anticipated Sing Together concert, we are meeting our Linking Network partners and we will be going to Gawthorpe Hall to take part in Shakespeare workshops.


LITERACY - In our literacy lessons we will be studying Shakespeare. We will focus on Midsummer Night's Dream and Macbeth. We will be writing diaries and letters in role and creating some poetry.


MATHS - In maths we will be looking at area and perimeter, including triangles and parallelograms and volume. We will then be using these to solve problems.


SCIENCE - Our unit of Animals including Humans will be carried over from last half term, then we will move onto micro-organisms.


GEOGRAPHY- Our geography unit is South America. We will be looking at the countries that make up South America, investigating the physical and human geography of South America, looking at the varied biomes throughout and then investigating the trade links.


PHSE - We will be focussing on relationships.


RE - Our unit is the Eucharist. We will be looking at the eucharist service, the words involved in the service and the symbolism connected with it.


ART  - This half term we will be looking at Leonardo Da Vinci. We will investigate his painting then focus on his drawings, involving perspective and machinery.



Reading books MUST be returned AT LEAST 3 times a week.

PE will be on Wednesday and Friday. Some children will continue to swim on Wednesday this half term.

Please make sure your kits are in school along with black pumps.



Spring One

Happy New Year!

I hope you have had a wonderful break and are ready for all the exciting things that we have got planned for this half term.


LITERACY - In literacy we are studying The Wizard of Oz. We will be looking at what makes a text classic, writing in role, creating tornado poems and writing the 'lost version' of the Wizard of Oz.


NUMERACY - In maths we will be looking at statistics where we will construct and interpret a variety of graphs, including pie charts. We will be calculating averages, looking at ratio and proportion, then using all our new skills to problem solve.


SCIENCE - Our science topic this half term is Animals including Humans. We will be focussing on the circulatory system, then investigating the heart and lungs through a range of investigations.


HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY - We will continue to learn about the Vikings, then move onto South America where we will be looking a trade links.


ART - We will finish off our unit on Batik, then move onto studying Leonardo Da Vinci where we will be investigating perspective and machinery.


PHSE - Our unit this half term is relationships. We will be looking at when it is ok to keep a secret and when a secret needs sharing. We will also be looking at dares and how to keep safe.


RE - Our unit this half term is The Exodus. We will be looking at the festival of Passover and how Moses led his people out of Egypt.


COMPUTING - our unit this half term is Blogging. We will learn all about blogging (including online safety) and then we will be writing blogs on Purple Mash.



PE this half term is Wednesday and Friday. Some children will continue to swim on Wednesdays.

Kits need to be in school and black pumps must be included in PE kits as most PE lessons will be inside this half term.




Autumn 2

Welcome back, I hope you have had a wonderful holiday.


Keep reading to find out what we will be learning this half term.


LITERACY - In literacy this half term, we will be reading a short book called The Secret of Monk's Island. From this, we will be investigating detectives, writing diaries, creating suspect list and writing our own detective story for younger children. Our next unit is Poetry where we will be looking closely at imagery and personfication. We will finish this unit by writing our own poem based on a very well known song.


MATHS - Our maths this half term, will focus mainly on fractions. We will be finding equivalents, simplifying and calculating with fractions. Once we are confident, we will move on to problem solving with fractions.


SCIENCE - Our science unit is called Seeing Light. We will be looking at how the human eye works and carrying out lots of investigations involving light. We will also be making a pin hole camera which we will test out on the playground.


HISTORY - We will be studying the Vikings this half term. We will be looking at where the Vikings came from and why they came. We will also be looking at some of the raids that the Vikings carried out and what was achieved by these raids. We will also be looking at the hierarchy of the Kings and The Danelaw.


RE - Our unit this half term is How Christians prepare for Christmas. We will be looking at what Advent means for Christians and the roles that John the Baptist and Mary played.


ART - Our topic this half term is Batik. We will be linking this to our school Christian Values and will create a piece of artwork to be displayed in school.


COMPUTING - Our computing unit is Spreadsheets. We will also be looking at online safety.

PHSE - This half term, we will mainly focus on the lessons connected the The Linking Network. We will carry out a series of lessons that compares what is similar and what is different about people. We will also be writing too and emailing our link school, Coppull Parish Primary.



PE kits need to be in school on the first day back. Please remember to bring your black PE pumps as most of the lessons will be indoors this half term.

Reading books need to be returned a MINIMUM of 3 times a week.

Homework is given out on Wednesdays and returned to school the following Monday.



Autumn 1 September 2019                                            

Welcome back to the first autumn term of the new academic year. I hope you have had a wonderful summer and are ready for all that we will be learning this half term.


LITERACY - In literacy we will be using the novel Kensuke's Kingdom. We will be writing a persuasive argument, diaries and our own adventure/survival story. Once we have finished this unit, we will be looking at the features of biographies and writing a biography about somebody very famous.


MATHS - In maths this half term, we will initially be looking at place value - we will be carrying out sequences, identifying values of digits, powers of 10, then using all four operations to problem solve.


RE - Our RE unit is Life as a journey. We will be looking at and comparing the pilgrimages that people from different faiths undertake during their lifetimes and finding common links between them.


GEOGRAPHY - Our geography unit is North America. We will be looking at the different countries that make up this area of the world. We will also be looking at the climate, the human and physical features then comparing one of the countries to an area in the United Kingdom.


SCIENCE - Our unit this half term is Evolution and Inheritance. We will be looking at the important work discoveries by Mary Anning and Charles Darwin, creating our very own animal and visiting UCLAN in Preston.


COMPUTING - This half term we will be coding. We will be writing our own code to create an end goal. We will also be debugging and problem solving.


PHSE - Our unit is New Beginnings. We will be looking at the rights of children.


DESIGN TECHNOLOGY - Our unit is cookery. We will be tasting a variety of bread types and sandwich fillings ready to create our own sandwich. This sandwich will be based on common ingredients used in North America. We will also design the packaging needed to transport our sandwich.