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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School

Ethos, Vision and Values

Every child of God matters.

Every person in our school community has been made in the image of God (Gen 1:27) and is loved unconditionally by God.

Everyone is equal in the sight of God. Therefore we seek to love one another and serve one another as Jesus did. All in their unique difference are able to flourish.

St Peter’s C of E Primary School

Whole School Vision


At St Peter’s C of E Primary School ‘Every Child of God Matters’. We strive for an inclusive and enriching curriculum, which meets the needs of all individual children within our school family. Our curriculum ensures learning is effective, engaging, exciting and above all, relevant to the needs of our children.

All pupils will secure firm foundations in English and Mathematics and this underpins a growing excellence in other subjects. We believe in bringing learning to life and we place great value on developing the ‘whole child’ and provide an engaging programme of study in all curriculum areas.




Together we will do our best to achieve our school aims.


Be Healthy........Look after our body and spirit that God made

· Create opportunities in the school day for prayer, worship, reflection, and stillness

· Provide opportunities to develop in the Christian faith, and to respect those of a different faith or no faith position

· Look at relationships and health in the light of moral, cultural and faith values

Stay safe..........Trust in God

· Ensure that pupils are able to practice their faith without fear of prejudice or bullying

· Promote, within the  Christian ethos, self-worth, self respect and trust

· Foster an atmosphere of respect and listening where concerns can be voiced and questions raised, and then appropriate actions taken

Enjoy and achieve...........Use our Talents

· Praise and celebrate achievements in all fields

· Provide  opportunities for pupils to express their learning in a variety of ways

· Emphasise that humans do fail at times and that we can learn from our failures too

Make a positive contribution.......Be generous

· Demonstrate ways of living based on Christian values

· Show what it means to love one’s neighbour

· Extend opportunities for pupils to contribute to the worship life of the school

· Encourage prayer for others

· Encourage initiatives which promote social cohesion and caring for the environment

· Develop links with religious communities outside the school

· Develop links with schools serving different communities either at home or abroad

Achieve economic wellbeing......Serve God and others

· Promote an understanding of Christian stewardship and a responsibility to look after the planet’s resources

· Contribute towards the church’s work in helping people locally and in other parts of the world

· Explore the lifestyles of those who have chosen to follow the teaching of Jesus about trusting God

· Encourage the sharing of resources with others and collaboration

· Participate in a range of charitable activities