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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School



Gold Class and St Paul's Cathedral

Over the last four weeks, Gold Class have been working in partnership with Tom Daggett from St Paul's Cathedral on an outreach project which involved learning some new songs and lots of physical activity. 

As you can hear from the video below, the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as did the staff.

Thank you Tom for a super project. 

Gold Class and St Paul's Cathedral

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Reverend Patrick Worship 14-04-2021

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Our School Easter Service

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Our school has produced this collection of videos to tell The Easter Story.

Worship with Reverend Patrick - 23rd March 2021

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Worship with Reverend Patrick - 9th March 2021

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Worship with Reverend Patrick - 9th February 2021

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Worship with Reverend Patrick - 2nd February 2021

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Here is our worship with Reverend Patrick. Reverend Patrick has also sent a slideshow and information about the slideshow to go with his worship, be sure to have a look at it.

Worship with Reverend Patrick - 12th January 2021

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Nativity 2020 - A Wriggly Nativity Part 1

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This year, Red, Yellow and Pink Class all participated in producing the school nativity called A Wriggly Nativity. This production was made following the current restrictions in place and as such we hope you enjoy what they have managed to create.

Nativity 2020 - A Wriggly Nativity Part 2

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The calendar year starts on January the 1st - but for the Church, it's new year starts on Advent Sunday, the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Advent comes from the Latin word adventus, which means coming and it is a time when the Church prepares for the coming of Jesus, celebrated at Christmas. 

To show that God will never forget us, the Bible uses picture language and tells us that it is as if our name is written on the palm of His hands. 


The children have been reflecting on our value of Trust and have 


Either thought of someone special who they will never forget, and wrote a prayer for the person to keep them safe.


Or they have wrote their needs, hopes and dreams on the slip, as a prayer to God. 


Worship with Reverend Patrick - 23rd November 2020

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Armistice Day 2020

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Year 6 took part in the Remembrance Service held at the cenotaph at St Peter's Church..

'My God is my strength in whom I trust.' Psalm 18.2

Our Christian Value this half term is Trust. 

'Two people are better than one....If one person falls, the other can reach out to help.'




We have thought about:

  • Knowing our friends will support us. 
  • Knowing Jesus is with us in stormy times.
  • Standing on God's promises.
  • Being trustworthy and not gossiping.
  • Trusting God
  • Believing God has a plan for our lives. 



Taking someone at their word

Relying on someone to support you

Unbreakable promises

Showing that you can be trustworthy

Treasuring good friends



We have thought about what it means to be someone trustworthy, who can be relied on not to let others down. About having faith and trusting in God. That trust is the foundation on which all good friendships are built and that we can show that we are trustworthy friends by not gossiping. 


We can trust that God cares for us enough to want the best for us. We can take our needs and hopes and dreams to Him and He will listen with all of His attention. 

God is....

In the first half term some of our worship sessions focused on God. We aimed to explore the many words that finish the sentence God is... 

We developed the children's understanding of God and the many aspects of his character. We asked the children why or how they know that God is…….all the things mentioned and encourage them to talk about Bible stories illustrating His character, sentences in prayers, things Jesus said and words of songs.



This half term the children have learnt - 

 'The Bible says to follow Jesus and to put your Christian values to good use.'

'The Bible stories we read are linked to Christian Values.'

'God has many roles, he is creator, peace, life and many more!'

'We can worship anywhere!'

'To be thankful for what we have.'

'God cares for everyone, even bad people so we should to.'

'We needed to be kind to everyone and offer forgiveness.'

Harvest 2020

At this time of year, we celebrate Harvest and show our thanks to God for all of the wonderful foods that he provides us with and the people who grow and deliver the food. We would usually go into church for our Harvest Festival, but sadly this year this has not been possible so we have tried to be creative in our celebrations!


Our current school value is 'thankfulness' and as you will see from the videos each class have created, the children at our school are thankful for the harvest and the wonderful foods that we receive from it.

Our Harvest Offering

The Tradition of celebrating Harvest Festival began in churches in 1843, when the Reverend Robert Hawker invited parishioners to a special thanksgiving service at the village of Morwentstow in Cornwall. Victorian hymns such as 'we plough the fields and scatter' and 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' helped to popularise his idea of Harvest Festival and spread the annual custom of decorating churches with home grown produce for the Harvest Festival Service. 


In the Bible there is a book called the Book of Psalms, These are poems and songs written thousands of years ago.


Psalm One includes these words:

Happy are those...who find joy in obeying the Law of the Lord....

They are like trees that grow beside a stream, that bear fruit at the right time, and whose leaves do not dry up. 


I wonder what the 'fruit' is that the Psalmist is writing about?


Here's your challenge... Look at the poster below for 30 seconds. It is called 'The Fruit of the Spirit'. Try to remember as many of the fruits as you can. 


The Fruit of the Spirit is the good things that grow in our lives when they are rooted in God's word. 


Lord of the Harvest,

We welcome your Spirit to work in our lives. 

Let your word take root so that, 

Your love may grow up,

Your joy may spread out,

and your peace become deeper in us each day.




Red Class - Big Red Combine Harvester.m4v

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Yellow Class Harvest Video.m4v

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Pink Class- Beautiful World.m4v

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Green Class Harvest Video.m4v

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Orange Class Harvest Video.m4v

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Blue Class Harvest Video.m4v

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Gold Class - Harvest Around The World.m4v

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“A healthy tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a poor tree bear good fruit. Every tree is known by the fruit it bears; you do not pick figs from thorn bushes or gather grapes from bramble bushes.


A good person brings God out of the treasure of good things in his heart; a bad person brings bad out of his treasure of bad things. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”


Our school's Christian Values help us to follow the example of Jesus. By living out these values we will bear good fruit. Which one of our school values is most important to you? Why is this?


Think about someone that you know outside of school who lives out the value that you thought was most important in a way that really makes a difference to your life. Can you thank God and write the name of the fruitful person on your apple template so we can add it to our Good Fruit Tree to help us remember and be thankful. 



Lord Jesus,

As we hold the apple in our hand, 

we thank you for the person it represents.

We are truly grateful for all that they mean to us.

May we never take them for granted.

Let their lives be an example to us 

as we try to live out our Christian values

and make a difference in the world.


The children's responses to our thankfulness value....

'Every time I think of you I give thanks to my God.' Philippians 1.3

Our Worship theme this half term is 'thankfulness. 'Always be thankful' 1 Thessalonians 5.16

We are thinking about thanking God for people who help us, praising God in Creation, remembering to say thankyou, giving thanks even when times are difficult, counting our blessings and living fruitful lives. 


Thankfulness is…

Thinking of good things

Happy memories

All creation praising God

Not taking anything for granted

Keeping focused on the positive

Feeling blessed

Understanding the sacrifices people make for us

Living joyfully

Not complaining

Expressing gratitude to God

Saying thank you to those who help us

Showing gratefulness by our deeds


Our Thankfulness reflections