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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School

Spring 1

Spring 1

Welcome back! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year!


Our fiction unit is Science-fiction. Our main novel is Aquila by Andrew Noriss. As part of the unit, the children will explore a range of science-fiction stories, analysing plots, characters and vocabulary. At the end of the unit, the children will plan and write their own stories.


The children will be learning about Multiplying using a written method in the first week back. After that we will have weekly units on Time, Place value, Addition and Subtraction, and measures.


This half term, the learning is focused on Earth and Space. This will cover the movement of the Earth, Sun and Moon and research about the Solar System. Scientific enquiry will look at shadow length and what this tells us about the movement of the Earth. We have another visit to the Young Science centre on 26th January for a Solar System Workshop.


We will continue our learning from last term about the Islamic Golden Age.


 We will study the work of artist Gustav Klimt who was famous for creating portraits featuring lots of Gold. After analysing his work, the children will develop their own versions of his work by exploring the techniques used by Klimt and choosing their own materials.


 Jesus the Teacher - focusing on Jesus' teaching and how this was used to show God's people how to live life according to God. The children will explore a range of Bible stories looking at the message being given and the how Christians today can also use the teaching to help them in their lives.


The children will continue to work on coding throughout this half term by creating their own programs including variables such as scorers and timers and using a range of different actions, controls and events.


Our topic for this term is families and friendships. We’ll be talking about what makes a healthy friendship and how to make people feel included. Also, we will discuss peer influence and what strategies we can use to manage this in different situations.