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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School

The Big Idea and the Big Story.


Eight core concepts of Christianity and God’s salvation plan.

At St Peter's we use the Questful RE. Throughout the syllabus pupils will be introduced to and given opportunity to explore the big ideas of Christianity. These are eight core concepts at the heart of Christianity that together tell God’s big story.

The eight core concepts in this syllabus match those identified by the authors of Understanding Christianity (RE Today Services) so that the two resources can be used together. The core concepts are expressed in the Bible and lived out by Christian people each day. These big ideas reveal God’s salvation plan, the big story.




Father, Son and Holy Spirit

In the beginning God…..


….created the heavens and the earth and everything was good.


Humankind spoilt creation and broke the relationship with God. Therefore, humans became in need of rescue.

People of God

In the Old Testament God tries to restore his relationship with people, choosing particular people to work with him. He spoke through the words of the prophets, but the people did not listen and were awaiting the Messiah.


The arrival of the Messiah, the Saviour, to rescue the people from the results of the fall and restore their relationship with God. Jesus, the Son of God, who came to live among us.


Jesus’ good news for everyone. His life, ministry and teaching, showing people what it means to live in relationship with God who is their father, and loves them.


The death and resurrection of Jesus is the ultimate rescue plan. God’s people are saved because through Jesus sin is dealt with and forgiveness offered. People can now choose to follow the way back to God.

Kingdom of God

God’s kingdom is the world as God intended it to be. Christians look forward to the day when God’s kingdom fully comes and earth and heaven are transformed. Until that time they strive to build the kingdom in their communities, empowered by the Holy Spirit and reflecting Jesus example in the world.