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Burnley St Peter's

C of E Primary School

Guidance for Full School Opening

• Children and adults will be in year group bubbles. They will not be expected to socially distance at school.
• Classrooms and toilets will be cleaned rigorously every morning, refreshed at lunchtime and ‘spot-cleaned’ throughout the day.
• Children will be encouraged to wash their hands on entry and exit from school, regularly throughout the day and especially before lunchtime and after using the toilet. Hand sanitiser is be available in every classroom. Disinfectant spray will also be in every classroom and space in school for regular cleaning of work and learning space.


• We have tried to organise a short staggered start as we know families have children in more than 1 year group.
• The gates will open the gates at 8:30am and close them again at 9:15am as usual.

EYFS children – please use the EYFS doors, start time 8.30am, finish time 3pm.
Year 1 children – please use the classroom door, start time 8.30am, finish time 3pm
Year 2 children – please use bottom door, start time 8.45am, finish time 3.15pm
Year 3 children – please use the main door, start time 8.30am, finish time 3pm
Year 4 children – please use main door, start time 8.45am, finish time 3,15pm
Year 5 children – please use the hall door, start time 8.30am, finish time 3pm
Year 6 children – please use the hall door, start time 8.45am, finish time 3.15pm


• Sadly, we will be unable to welcome parents into the building for the time being. We understand this will be difficult for some of you, especially our new EYFS parents, and want to reassure you that there will be plenty of support for you and your children. We will make sure that we post many photographs of your children learning and having lots of fun safely.
• Mrs Crowther, Miss Wilkinson and Mr Carr will be outside school to ensure that your children make their way safely into class.
• The children will exit through the same door as the one they use to enter in the morning.

• We ask that parents leave as soon as they collect their child so we can ensure that there is enough space for social distancing.
• We have a one way system so parents and children must go down the ramp and up the car slope to keep appropriate social distancing
• When waiting, we ask that parents stand at a distance from each other. We will get the children to you as quickly as we can.


Please be as prompt as possible in both the morning and afternoon to prevent lots of waiting around for the children and staff. Please ensure you wear a mask when on the school grounds. 


• As far as possible, we ask that children wear uniform to school every day. However, it is far more important that they wear clean clothes every day.

• Please do not send children in with large bags.
• If children have a packed lunch, then they should bring a small packed lunch bag.
• Please send in a clearly labelled water bottle.
• Each child will have their own ‘pack’ of equipment to use while at school.
• Reading books will be sent home. Please bear with us. Please keep book bags at home for the time being.


• We will continue to eat lunch in our classrooms as we always have.
• Lunch options will be on the newsletter every week.
• EYFS & Key Stage 1 children are all entitled to a lunch as per Universal Infant Free School Meals – I would encourage as many of you to take advantage of this as possible.
• If you think you might be entitled to Free School Meals (whether you get them free in the infants or not), please apply
for Free School Meals.


• There will be no whole school events until further notice.
• We will let you know about Parents’ Evenings and other events as and when they are arranged.


• If you or any member of your family test positive for COVID-19, please inform school as a matter of urgency and ensure that you follow official quarantine guidelines in terms of self-isolating.
• If a child starts to experience symptoms of COVID-19 whilst at school, they will be made comfortable and safe in a room by themselves under staff supervision. We will telephone parents immediately to collect and ask that you are ready to respond to this eventuality very quickly. At this point, your child ideally needs to be tested. If the test is positive, then official guidelines about self-isolation apply – please inform school immediately on receipt of a positive test result. If the test is negative, then your child can return to school. If any staff members show symptoms, the same will apply.
• I would encourage anyone who shows symptoms or thinks they have been in contact with anyone they suspect to have COVID-19 to be tested.
• Anyone who has been to a country that is on the quarantine list needs to self-isolate for two weeks. The website to check this is:…/coronavirus-covid-19-travel-corridors…


• Please ensure that you are registered on Parent Pay, follow the Facebook page and check the new school website.
• Please report any absences to the school office, leaving details of why your child is absent.
• If you need to speak to office staff, please do that by telephone on 01282 426873. Please do not come into school unless by prior arrangement.
• If you want to speak to your child’s class teacher, this can be arranged. This will be by telephone or email. To make an appointment, please ring school.
• If you want to speak any other member of staff, please use the telephone school number above or contact via social media to make an appointment for a call.
• Mrs Crowther, Miss Wilkinson and Mr Carr will be available in the yard for brief questions in the mornings and afternoons.



Head Teacher Claire Crowther
Deputy Head Teacher Amy Wilkinson


Lisa Duerden